Irreverent and capricious as only a variety that has everything can be. Difficult to ma-ster, but once understood and befriended, this vine is ready to reveal its rich and no-ble soul to the world. It is strange how well this difficult character has settled in on our Romanian hillsides. The vines have enjoyed an excellent relationship with our vineyard manager since the very first grapes appeared. Under the knowing guidance of our master oenologist, this wine has matured into a truly great product.

Vinification: The destemmed and crushed grapes are left on the skins for 4/8 days in stainless steel vats. On completion of alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, the wine is separated from the marc and fined for 12 months in barriques. Ageing in the bottle for a further 12 months completes the process.

Cherry red with clear amaranth highlights
A balanced nose of red fruit, strawberries and cherries when young, acquiring hints of spices, pepper and cloves with age
Elegant and precious overtones of fruit and spice flood the palate with velvet smooth sensations.

Historical records of Pinot Nero in its native Burgundy date back over 2,000 years. The curious name derives from the shape of the bunch, which is com-pact and formed like a pine cone. Though difficult to grow, the variety has tremen-dous potential. It demands complete mastery from vineyard managers and oenologi-sts, but is capable of producing truly unique monovarietal wines.

Ideal with herb flavoured first courses, white meat and flash-fried fillets of fish.

  • Grapes: Pinot Noir
  • Vineyard size: 10 ha
  • Production area: Pâncota, province of Arad
  • Altitude: 220/240 m.a.s.l.
  • Position: Hillside formed in the Quaternary period, allow good ventila tion that promotes health of the grapes
  • Soil: Argillaceous mixed with volcanic stones, rich in minerals and trace elements
  • Climate: Average temperature excursion 15° with peaks of 20° during ripening
  • Training system: Guyot
  • Planting density: 4,600 plants per ha
  • Yield per ha: 5 tons
  • Harvest: First fortnight in September, manual
  • Storage time: 6/8 years
  • Bottles per box: 6
  • Bottle size: 750 ML
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