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Gentle slopes, for centuries suited to viticulture, concealed by history and rediscovered with Dorvena. Genagricola, the largest Italian agricultural concern, backed by its winemaking experience and technology, has chosen the Pâncota terroir, giving birth to five wines which interpret, express and entwine two historically related cultures. The pleasure of wine for those who wish to enjoy a good goblet of the Nectar of Bacchus, winking at even the most demanding palates.

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The fate in the name

Dorvena: “Dor” means the “feeling of missing” in Romanian, as well as ”Dorato” in Italian, combined with “Vena” signifying “longing desire” in Sanskrit, the world's oldest language. There are two hypotheses as to the etymology of this curious word. According to the first, it comes from the root "VEN" meaning "to love", the same root as "Venus", while the second considers the root to be "vi", "to twist", the fruit of the plant which twists.

The Circle

Behind a great wine there is an elaborate process. A multitude of elements must all be in complete harmony - correct exposure to the sun, terroir, water and microelements. The tendrils support the plant and guarantee its equilibrium. During the night, the humidity helps the grapes to grow, while the sun ripens them during the day. Add passion and dedication and the result is an almost perfect wine.

The path

The 110 hectares of vineyards pattern the rolling hills of Pâncota. Here, at an altitude of 250 m a.m.s.l., the art of vine growing has been practiced since Roman times. Rich in microelements, the clay soil mixed with volcanic stones gives the wines a distinctive and pleasing minerality.

An exclusive climate brings light breezes to caress the vines, with temperature fluctuations of up to 20°C during the grape ripening period. The process concludes in the avant-garde winery built in 2010, equipped with the most modern winemaking plant and adding a harmonious modern touch to the breathtaking scenery.

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