Simple, elegant, and suited to all occasions. When a single-varietal wine, it deri-ves its superb balance from harmony, elegance and a unique touch of minerality.

Vinification: Must obtained from gentle pressing is fermented in steel vats at a controlled temperature. The wine is fined on the lees for six months before bottling.

Straw yellow with hints of celadon green
Summer apples and lime flowers, with a suggestion of honey on ageing.
Apple and other white fleshed fruit. Tangy and mineral, well balanced and extremely elegant, with evolved overtones emerging with age.

The variety first appeared in Romania in 1930, the result of crossing Fe tească Alba with Grasa de Cotnari. It proved an immediate success and today is one of the country’s most characteristic and popular native grapes.
The name (“Royal girl” or “Princess” in Romanian) tells you exactly what you can expect of this wine: grace, refinement and perhaps a touch of frivolity.

The ideal accompaniment for vegetable soups, grilled fish and white meat.

  • Grapes: Fetească Regală
  • Vineyard size: 5 ha
  • Production area: Pâncota, province of Arad
  • Altitude: 230 m.a.s.l.
  • Position: Hillside formed in the Quaternary period, allow good ventilation that promotes health of the grapes
  • Soil: Argillaceous mixed with volcanic stones, rich in minerals and trace elements
  • Climate: Average temperature excursion 15° with peaks of 20° during ripening
  • Training system: Guyot
  • Planting density: 4,600 plants per ha
  • Yield per ha: 7 tons
  • Harvest: Last ten days in September, manual
  • Storage time: 2/3 years
  • Bottles per box: 6
  • Bottle size: 750 ML
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